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Wall Art

Star Decorate and personalize your space with artworks.


Photos on canvas

Canvas Photo Purple  Canvas Photo

Put canvas photo pictures on the wall to brighten it up with color.  Mondrian art (draw yourself) is a good choice as are photos taken yourself or from the web.

Mondrian example 

The photo will be 3/4" proud of the wood surface.  Put two hinges at the top so that inside the internal wall can be used for variable spacing storage shelving.  It is good to provide a power outlet for phone charging.

(See above for stud positioning algorithm.)

Use LED stick-on strip lighting around the inside of the cavity to give it some wow factor.

Use a picture size of 3'4" wide and 2'6" high (40"x30").  Where there is a picture the studs will be 3' 1-1/2" apart so the gap between will be 3'.  The cavity height will be 2'3" and can be divided up with 2x4 shelves.  Put the picture positions on your AutoCAD floor plan so you can plan the stud positions accordingly.

Also standardize on a nominal 2' x 3' size to match what can be done on your own plotter printer (as used for your submitted house plans).  With a frame, the actual size will be 2'2"x3'2".  This still works with the same framing.  The only difference is the 1.5" wall planking at the bottom.  If you use the full planking on the bottom with a 2'6 high picture then you get about a 3 inch lip that might be a useful shelf feature.  It is good to implement things such that you can decide later whether to hang a 3'4"x2'6" or a 3'2"x2'2" picture (and change over time).

The top edge will be aligned with the top of a 6'8" door rough opening.

Picture Alcove Elev Drawing 


Family photos

Landscape photos


Tunnel photos


Other possibilities are here .

Architecture photos


Abstract photos

Can be a particular architectural feature shot from a strange angle.

Fine art

Eg Renoir.  Get a photo and have it printed on canvas.


Wood on walls

Greek Key Pattern

The Greek key pattern is an important symbol from ancient Greece.  Amongst other things it signified infinity, eternal flow, friendship, love, waves and the four seasons.  Could make a hang on the wall decoration made from black painted 2x4s (3"x1.5") on a white wall.

Greek key pattern 

Greek key pattern 

Greek key pattern 

Greek key pattern 

Wood pixels

1.5"x1.5" square blocks.  Stain some dark and some light.  Pixelate a photo and reproduce it in wood blocks (one per pixel).

32 x 32 is 1024 blocks and is 4' x 4'.

Need to write some image processing algorithm software.  This will print out manufacturing instructions.  Things that can be set by the software...
    Height of blocks
    Cut angle of block tops
    Darkness of stain on block tops
    Color of stain on block tops
    Square size of block (variable pixel resolution)
    Grain roughness of surface (done with shot blasting)
    Potentially image painted on top of each block

An important aspect is the way light forms shadows from different heights and angles of the block tops.

Examples of wood block art from a web search...

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 

Wood Block Art 


Round log pieces

On the sawmill cut log rounds of various diameters and arrange them on the wall.  Adds texture to a wood plank wall.

Animal silhouettes

Cut wood to the animal outline, eg bear or stag.

Coat of arms

Cut wood to the outline.



Mondrian Original 


Wood Silhouettes

Wood silhouette Example 

Use two different colors of wood.  Cut the silhouette with a scroll saw.  Get two pictures from one cut.  Use a skyline silhouette or and other one found by searching online.  Print and trace on the wood to get the cut line.

Bear Silhouette Example 


LCD screens

Photo sequence

These can cycle through photos.

Fireplace simulator


Art pictures


Arty screen savers


News and weather

Continuous display of news headlines and weather forecast.



Remote involvement in family events via Skype.