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Greenhouses - Raised Platform Design

Star Putting a growing enclosure up high can allow it to get more sunlight.

The design for this is not yet done.  It involves an elevated wooden platform up in the trees, supported tree-house style from the existing trees.  The main objective is to get more sunlight without having to clear a big area of forest.  Being up high you also potentially get a nice view.

Use Garnier limbs (or equivalent) to attach to tree trunks.



Best bet http://www.treehousesupplies.com/Treehouse_Bolts_s/41.htm


When more than one tree is being used you need to use floating attachments http://www.treehousesupplies.com/Treehouse_Brackets_s/28.htm

Use 1-1/4" lab bolts http://www.treehousesupplies.com/Lag_Bolt_1_25x12_p/lb1.25x12gal.htm