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Implement drain pipes in walls


Add first layer of EPS up walls

Top of wall make good with foam 

First layer of EPS at top of wall 

Add second layer of EPS up walls



Implement window sills

Where the sill is not high up, ie is less than 3' off the deck, use stone window sills.  This can withstand people leaning on it and there is no danger in an earthquake.  For high up window sills, use EPS.

Implement window surround

Wrap fiberglass mesh into the window indent.  Secure the lath mesh under the window nail edge.


Details are here .


Three coats: Scratch, Brown, and Finish.

Some people recommend using building paper on the EPS so the stucco does not stick and can move freely given the different coefficients of expansion.  I think it is better to get it to stick to the EPS.  Hopefully the EPS is compliant enough so the stucco does not crack.  It is worth living with the scratch coat for a while to check it does not crack.