Carnation Construction
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Build Sequence

Star Full set of build site photos in chronological sequence.

House dite before starting clearing

Tree clearing nearly done

Tractor on site

Reference ditch on site

Top soil being removed

Top soil removed

Excavator starting

Excavator tree stump moving

Excavator digging in slope

Excavator western path in

Excavator end of day 3

Excavator end of day 4 from mound

Excavator danger sign

Excavation finished

Site - Batterboards set

Site From U

Site Waiting Along To South

Site Waiting Ladder

Site Green Mound

Site Digger For Septic

Site With Excavator And Dozer

Site Under Excavator Arm

Site With Deer

Site Lamppost Shed

Site Ready For Footing Excavation

Footing Excavation 07 Digging To Underslab Level

Footing Excavation From North East Above

Footing Excavation 304

Footing Excavation 314

Site Rock Still Burning

Site Rock Burn

Site Rock Burn Above

Site House Drain Pipe Above Pile

Site House Drain Pipe Looking East

Site Last Rock Burn

Site Footings Dug With Pipes

Site Form-A-Drain Stacked

Site Form-A-Drain Temp Placed

Site Jack Hammering Dusk

Site With Form-A-Drain Cut To Length

Site All Lower Form-A-Drain

Site Wood Spacers On Form-A-Drain

Site First Sock On Form-A-Drain

Site Geofabric Outside Started

Site Crushed Rock Geofabric

Site Cutting Inner Upper Form-A-Drain

Site Two Lots Of Upper Inner Form-A-Drain

Site Upper Inner Form-A-Drain Done

Site Injectors Done

Site Deck Legs Started

Site Deck Legs West Started

Site First Deck Leg Formed

Site Deck Columns Five Started

Site Colmn Location Spacers

Site Deck Leg Spacers

Site Deck Columns Stacked

Site Footings All West Columns

Site Outer Upper Form-A-Drain Started

Site All West Column Footings

Site Upper Outer Form-A-Drain Part Done

Site Outer Form-A-Drain Eps Started

Site Eps Outer And Geofabric

Site More Geofabric Eps

Site Eps Form-A-Drain Done

Site With Crushed Rock North Portico

Site Bracing Round Outside Done

Site Bracing Done Starting Outside Rock

Site Extra Bracing Crushed Rock Backfill

Site First Membrane Night

Site Crushed Rock All Slab Areas

Site Ready For First Membrane

Site First Membrane Being Installed

Site First Membrane With Some Eps

Site Outside Footing Eps Some Inner

Site Started First Eps 2in Over Slab

Site Second 2in Slab Eps Done East

Site 2nd Slab Layer Eps Almost Done

Site Last Foundation Eps Stacked Ready

Site Nearly Ready For Water Membrane

Site Water Membrane Initial Fitting

Site Starting Protection Eps

Site Gluing Eps Protection

Site Protection Eps 1in Done

Site Starting Toughliner Protection 

Site Snow In Lined Footings 

Site Some Toughliner 

Site Bit More Protection Sheeting 

Site ToughLiner Protection Getting Done 

Site Protection ToughLiner Done 

Site Protection ToughLiner Snow 

Site Some Stirrup Assemblies Stacked 

Site Rebar Stirrup Assemblies Built Stacked

Site Rebar Horiz Laid Out Starting 

Site With Some Rebar In Footings 

Site Rebar Stirrup Assemblies First In Position 

Site East Stirrup Assemblies In Trench 

Site Stirrup Assemblies East Underway Night 

Site Wood Blocks On Slab Area 

Site East Ext Stirrups In Trench 

Site Stirrups In Trenches North Portico Started 

Site North Side Stirrup Assemblies In Trenches 

Site Stirrup Assemblies To West Side 

Site East West Stirrup Assemblies In Trench 

Site West Internal Trench Stirrups 

Site Started South Portico Stirrup Assemblies 

Site All Footing Rebar Stirrups Done 

Site Some Foundation Goove Planks

Site Nearly Done With Groove Planks Etc 

Site Foundation Groove Planks All Done

Site Started Slab Rebar First Layer

Site Half Done First Rebar Layer Slab

Site Last Slab First Layer Rebar

Site Slab First Layer Done

Site Part Way Upper Slab Rebar 

Site Almost Done With Slab Foundation Rebar 

Site Ready For Foundation Rebar Inspection 

Site Foundation Rebar All Done 

Site Column Bracing Vacing 



























Site Slab Flooded To Cure

Site Water With Two High Spots

Site Slab Drying End July 23

Site Slab Drying Mid July 25

Site Slab Drying End July 25

Site Slab Drying Mid July 26

Site Slab Drying End July 26

Site Slab Drying End July 27

Site Slab Drying Start July 29

Site Slab Dried

Site Key Notch Planks Removed

Site Slab No Groove Planks Cleaned

Site Slab Tree Eclipse Patterns

Site First Nailed Kickers

Site First Two Verticals Installed

Site Verticals North West

Site Western Basement Verticals 

Site More Kickers 

Site Starting Basement Walls North Portico 

Site North Portico Vertical Batons 

Site First Internal Verticals North